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Contact info:
Patrick Lacaire
B.A. Urban Studies -
Worcester State College
M.A. Christian Apologetics - Biola University

Family: Kim (wife); Mitchell, Sarah, Michael (children).
My Pilgrimage
I was delivered from the kingdom of darkness and translated into the kingdom of God's beloved Son - sometime! My mid teen years were marked by a heightened interest in the awe of God and the suffering of Jesus, due in no small part to a wonderful charismatic prayer group I attended. By the end of high school and beginning of college though, I fully embraced a double life of Pat the college student and Pat the alcohol drinking, pot smoking, drug sampler. I avoided family as much as possible for fear of being found out. All delusions must end though.

In 1988, I resigned as general manager of the universe. The realization of my colossal personal and moral failures, coupled with my constant state of fear of the unknown, did drive me to my face before the Sovereign of the universe whose status and authority I had usurped. The cry was one of desire to no longer be who I had become.

I married the lovely and loving Kim October 27 1990.

In 1996 I wandered into a Baptist church on a promise I made to the pastor of that church at a political function. I began to read, study and memorize scripture with a nearly insatiable appetite.

In that church I also encountered a fair amount of legalism and spiritual abuse, including fairly strict (implied) dress code, and adherence to the leaven of KJV onlyism. This was the genesis, however, of my apologetics impulse.

Another good and gracious pastor took the time to shepherd me in knowing the character and glory of God. With no other goal than seeing one exalt Christ in word and deed, loving his neighbor as himself, he offered me three very fine resources: The Sovereignty of God (A.W. Pink), Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment (Jeremiah Burroughs), and The Baptist Confession of Faith (1689). These, and carefully bible study, did bring into much sharper focus the love and grace of God, and the gospel in all its depth of meaning for the church and the unbeliever.

I soon found I needed answers to my relatives in the WatchTower Society (aka Jehovah's Witnesses). That lead to further study, which led to other study, etc.

Ultimately, I found that I would benefit myself and others by a formal, rigid study of Christian Apologetics. I found the same in the Masters Degree Program at Biola University.

Apologetics is part of the gift and calling of God to me and on me. The good work God has begun God will also bring to completion.

My prayer is that your intellect and will are uniquely devoted to Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as result of my ministry to you.

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